Corporate groups

How about rewarding your staff with a day in outdoor with lots of fun and motivation ?

Would you like to solve the communication problems and break the ice between your staff ?

Monkeypark offer the possibility to improve teamwork among your staff, in an outdoor setting away from the office environment. Activities are mostly simple, fun and aim to mix people from all walk of life.

Challenges involve:

  • Discovering personal limits and attempting to overcome them,
  • Helping each other,
  • Improving cohesion within each team,
  • Understanding and respecting limits of others,
  • Working together in a totally new situation,
  • Managing their own stress and others' stress,
  • Succeeding in new challenges and supporting the team.

A Barbecue lunch will be waiting for you.

You may improve the benefit of the activities by combining them with one night stay in our holiday village.