I'm afraid of heights !

If you're worried about your knees knocking and your arms trembling – never fear; Our instructors are here and we are proud to have helped lots of people to conquer their fear of heights. Why not give it a try – you might surprise yourself !

Is it safe ?

MonkeyPark is established by a team of experts in hirope park construction. Best possible materials and best possible solutions for safety has been used while constructing the park.

Of course. MonkeyPark is a physically testing tree-top obstacle courses. There is inevitably a risk of injury when undertaking such activities. Participants will be responsible for attaching themselves to the safety system. As long as you stay attached to the safety system your risk of falling is limited to 30-40 cm. All participants receive a safety briefing from a trained instructor at the start and have to wear a safety harness at all times.

You may have a very safe and memorable MonkeyPark experience if you respect the rules and have a good concentration to the activity.

How healthy should I be ?

Anyone who has good medical conditions can come and make our activities.
Pregnant women , people with mental or physical disabilities, heart problems, high bload pressure are not advised to try our activities.

What should I wear, what should I bring ?

As for any outdoor activity make sure you wear comfortable clothes and enclosed toed shoes with rigid soles.Do Not wear thongs, toe shoes or other forms of slip on footwear.Your waist should be covered and body-piercings removed or taped over for comfort. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed.Playing in the tree tops is great fun in the rain and in the event of wet weather we suggest you bring a change of clothing for after you complete the courses.

Gloves are optional. You may bring your own gloves. If you forget, you may buy one pair of gloves for 3 TL from our staff before starting the activity.

All other safety equipement, will be supplied by us.

Weather Conditions

In summer season unless there is a strong wind conditions, our park is always open.

In winter, unless there is a bad weather, the park will remain open and activities will happen as usual. MonkeyPark is a lot of fun even in the rain. In case of lightning or heavy winds, the park will close until conditions improve. In such an instance if you have not been able to complete the courses, you will receive a complimentary pass.

How old and how heavy should I be?

You may try our low rope circuit from 4 years old. For high rope circuit you must be minimum 9 years old.

Anyone from 4 years old may try our Climbing Wall.

For Flyfox anyone above 8 years and 30 kg can fly alone. Younger children can fly tandem with their parents if they not exceed the 115kg together.

What if I can't complete the course ?

Not to worry, it does happen from time to time and you can be rescued and brought down safely at any point on the course. We do encourage everyone to finish it as often when people are brought down they want to get straight back up again!

Can I just watch ?

Yes of course you can, spectators are more than welcome.

Can I take pictures ?

You are welcome to take pictures of your company. Please also respect the privacy of the others in the park. We will be more than happy, if you share your pictures in Facebook or in Instagram

Time & Rates

MonkeyPark is open from 09.00 to 18.00 hrs everyday between the dates 01 May – 01 October.

You may visit MonkeyPark with your group of minimum 20 people between the dates 01 October – 01 May

What is the rate ?

Adult ( full circuit) 100.00 TL / person Hirope + Climbing Wall + 1 Flyfox

Child (4-12 age) 80.00 TL / person Lowrope + Climbing Wall + 1 Flyfox

Flyfox -zipline extra run 36.00 TL / person
Orienteering ( Minimum 20 people) 45.00 TL / person
Survival ( Minimum 20 people) 55.00 TL / person
Barbecue lunch 60.00 TL / person BBQ hamburger + french fries + salad + water, coca-cola, fanta

What if I fall off ?

Don't you worry, as long as you stay attached to the belay line above your head at all time , your fall is limited to 30-40 cm. You just dangle in the harness, thats what they're there for! Then you can either get yourself back up or we can help you, its quite easy!

Do I need to be fit to do the courses ?

We don't think so, if you break into a sweat walking up stairs, then you'll break into a sweat at the ropes course. Its reasonably energetic, your not on a travellator but then thats why you're here!

Can I smoke ?

No. You won't be able to smoke whilst in your harness. Give your lungs this chance at least as you are in the middle of a green pine forest.

How long does it all take ?

Depends on what you're booked in for and group size, but between an hour and a half to three hours.