"Hirope" circuit

There are 13 different type suspended bridges with various difficulty levels at 6.50 mt to 7.50 mt high from ground level.

Throughout the entirety of the Circuit you will remain attached to a life-line support above your head. Our instructors will also be situated along the circuit ready to advise and asist as needed - giving support from above and below.

Are you ready to face off with your acrophobie in a safe way.

"Low Rope" circuit

Mainly for children for 4-10 years old suspended at 1.40 mt high from the ground. Same as on our hirope circuit, you will remain attached to a life-line support above your head.

Adults who would like to try themselves on lower altittude, can use this circuit before getting on our hirope circuit.

Climbing Wall

Our wood surfaced climbing Wall is 12 mt high. Anyone from 4 years old can use the wall and feel the excitment. With some muscle force and body skills you can easily reach the top in a blink of an eye.


Top - wanted activity of our park. It will be the closest experience to fly for most of you. You will fly on a steel rope of 150 mts long, from the top of our wall tower 12 mt high to the beach. Your speed will increase more you approach to the beach and feel the wind on all over your body. Anyone above 8 years and 30 kg can fly alone. Younger children can fly tandem with their parents if they not exceed the 115kg together.

For more fun, you may want to try an extra run.


Although we are a part of nature, we forgot how to live in nature. We do not experience life-threatening natural disasters, but regrettably only watching on television.

In our survival programs, we teach basic survival techniques such as , starting the fire, building a shelter, grinding the cutting tools, navigation, finding drinking water and alternative cooking methods, when being left out in the wild and no familiar materials are present.

Program also teaches the secure use of cutting tools, importance of the hygiene factors in the nature and basic rules of the nature.

Program put emphasis to use both individual performance as well as to be a member of a team to reach to a target. The aim is to accomplish a task with a collective teamwork.

All activities will be performed outside the comfort area. "Learning by experience" is main target in this program.

Orienteering Game

Walking and running in the nature against the clock to reach a target by using navigational skills.

Participants divided into groups of 2-3-4-5 person , are given the map of the garden of the hotel. A question is given to the group at the start. Only by finding the answer they can reach the next target. A new question and a new target is waiting for them. The group which solves all the questions and reaches the final target in the shortest time is the winner.

Orienteering is an educational and entertaining game that aims to reach a target by using teamwork, logical problem solving and navigational skills.

All our teaching is performed by expert trainers who are members of Mountaineering and Outdoors Club

All our teaching is having place in our hotel garden in the nature. Activities do not carry any serious physical risk. In case of emergency, the medical center in only 3 minutes away.

It is advised to attend with casual clothing, running shoes, and hat.