What is MonkeyPark ?

"Hirope Park", is the adrenaline packed adventure acvtivity aiming to cross suspended bridges up on the trees.

It all started, with the openning of the first Treetop Adventure Park in French Alps back in July 1995. Everyone noticed that they can realise their childhood's dream in a safe and secure environment; climb up and have fun with friends up high on the trees.

By the year 2000, already 45 Treetop Adventure Parks had opened in France, and by the year 2005 more than 350 Treetop Adventure Parks in France,England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Canada.

In May 2013 , MonkeyPark which is planned and established as being more advanced and safer than many other examples troughout the World, opened its doors in Izmir- Gumuldur .

MonkeyPark is designed as a new activity area inside the Denizati Holiday Village. It is established in three months by a team of professionals who love their job specialized in high altitude construction,.

The MonkeyPark adventure starts with a climbing wall of 12 mt heigh, continues with 13 tree top hi-rope bridges, tricky crossings (using ladders, walkways, bridges and nets made of wood, rope and super-strong wire) and finally ends on the beach after sliding 150mt of unforgetable zip-line.

The park caters to every age group, young children can try themselves on bridges that are built on low –rope.

We'll brief you for safety before you fly down the zip wire or climb up to the climbing wall and enjoy ourhigh ropes obstacles in a breathtaking scenery. Our continuous safety line system, optimally adjustable PETZL harnesses along with the Half Dome PETZL helmets and EDELRID carabiner with palm squeeze mechanism to prevent unintentional opening, ensure your safety while you are up in the air.

For those who want to spend a fun day filled with excitement MonkeyPark offers two to three hours of fun and adventure. It's a great way to get outdoors and try some a little bit unique.

Our business is built on the long-term health of the forest and we respect our natural playground. We did not drill through the trees to build our platforms. Our structures are designed to allow trees to grow free of restriction. The quality and colours of materials are chosen to integrate into the natural surrounds.